A Bill to introduce a new stand-alone criminal offence of non-fatal strangulation, choking and suffocation, and to amend the definition of 'consent' to add stealthing, was tabled by the Attorney General the Hon Elise Archer on 8 March 2022 – International Women’s Day.

This Bill delivers on the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to the community and appropriately recognises that non-fatal strangulation, choking or suffocation is a significant form of violence, which can be a precursor for escalation in the severity of family and sexual violence.

Additionally, while Tasmanian consent laws are amongst the best in the nation already, we are further strengthening our laws by expressly addressing conduct that is colloquially known as ‘stealthing’.

Violence in any form is never acceptable, and this legislation will strengthen laws and send a strong message that these offences will not be tolerated in Tasmania.

This significant suite of family and sexual violence reforms confirms the Tasmanian Government is continuing to ensure laws are strong and robust, protect victim-survivors of family and sexual violence, and hold perpetrators to account for the severity of their crimes.

Read the Criminal Code Amendment Bill 2022

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