Quick Exit

The Quick Exit button enables you to leave this website quickly, by immediately closing and opening the Google search page in a new window. You might find this helpful if someone comes into the room or looks over your shoulder and you don’t want them to know what you’ve been looking at.

The Quick Exit button does not delete all of your browser history. This means that if someone checks the browser history on your computer or mobile device, they may be able to see anything you looked at on our website.

Clearing your browser history

When you go online, you leave a trail about what you have looked at online. Other people can see what you have been looking at by checking your browser history.

The browsers we use on our mobile phones, tablets and computers save our browsing history, such as the sites we visit and things we have searched for. There is a browsing history function that helps make it quicker and easier for you to return to websites you have looked at before, but this also makes it easy for others to see your history too.

You can browse in private mode - sometimes called inPrivate or Incognito mode - which prevents other users of the computer or device from find the search history in most cases -  this may not work if there is spyware or if someone can see what you are doing on your computer or device.

If you have not used private mode, follow these steps to erase your browsing history or stop your search history from being recorded:

  • Go to your tools or settings menu and, if your browser offers it you can turn off search and page history.
  • There may be a setting called ‘never remember history’ or ‘clear history when closing browser’.
  • In this section or simply under ‘history’ in your function / customise / control menu you can also choose to clear or delete your browsing data for all time, for the last four weeks, the last one week, the last 24 hours or simply the last hour.

For more information on staying safe online visit the eSafety Commissioner website at esafety.gov.au.