Tasmanian Government launches Consultation Strategy for the third Family and Sexual Violence Action Plan

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The Tasmanian Government has launched the consultation strategy for development of the third Family and Sexual Violence Action Plan.

There are five key elements of consultation, with the voices of victim-survivors is at the centre of the Government’s approach to consultation and collaboration with the Tasmanian community in 2022.

  1. Hearing Lived Experience Survey 2022
  2. Establishing a Victim-Survivor Advisory Council
  3. Targeted Workshops with stakeholders
  4. Partnering with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community
  5. Public Written Submissions

Hearing Lived Experience Survey

The Hearing Lived Experience Survey 2022 is an online public survey of adult victim-survivors with lived experience of family and sexual violence.

The 2022 Survey builds on the 2018 survey and has been expanded to include lived experience of sexual violence. Also for the first time, in 2022 the Survey will remain open for 12 months to provide time for victim-survivors to come forward and safely share their story.

Launch of the Survey is being accompanied by a statewide advertising campaign over the next eight weeks to help get the message out across every corner of Tasmania. The Survey will be advertised statewide across community newspapers, social media, radio and posters that have a QR code so people can access the Survey quickly and directly from their phones.

Councillor Mary Knowles, Mayor of the Northern Midlands Council, is a Consultation Ambassador for the consultation. A tireless advocate for the prevention of family violence as a victim-survivor herself, Mary will feature across the advertising campaign, to encourage other victim-survivors to share their story.

The Survey can be accessed through the QR code or via the homepage of the Safe from Violence website

For people who can’t access the internet, there is a shortened version of the Survey as a hard copy Booklet. The Booklets will be available to pick up from Service Tasmania outlets or your local Neighbourhood House from March.

Victim-Survivor Advisory Council

The Survey won’t be the only avenue for hearing the voices of victim survivors as the Government has committed to establishing the first ever Tasmanian Victim-Survivor Advisory Council.

The Victim-Survivor Advisory Council will advise the Government on what we hear through the Survey over the next 12 months, as well as on family and sexual violence during the life of the Action Plan. This is to help ensure that the Government’s policy and program design continues to be informed by lived experience.

The Terms of Reference for the Advisory Council are under development and further detail on the process for membership will be available through the Safe from Violence website in March.

The Third Tasmanian Family and Sexual Violence Action Plan - Consultation Brief outlines other consultation activity including Partnering with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community and Written Public Submissions, which will commence in March.

It also describes consultation that we have undertaken since July 2021 and other inputs we are examining in the development of the third Action Plan.

If you have any questions about the planned consultation activity, including the Survey or Advisory Council, please email fsvap@communities.tas.gov.au

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